review: shnuggle baby bath

As a Brand Ambassador for Beebies Baby Store, I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few new baby items to try out with Jake. One of which I can highly recommend is the new design Shnuggle Baby Bath – and I was one of the first parents to try it out!


Jake was born into the water in a pool at our local birthing centre, and he is most definitely a water baby. He absolutely loves his bath time and seems so relaxed in the water, kicking his little feet and splashing his hands as if he feels at home in it. The Shnuggle bath has not only made bath time enjoyable for him, it has made it much easier for me too. There are several features of the bath which I think make it perfect for your water baby:


  • High sides mean that you can fill it with deeper water, making your baby feel more cocooned than a traditional long and shallow bath. The deeper water seems to retain its temperature for longer so baby doesn’t get cold. There’s plenty of room to grow but is suitable for newborns too.
  • The ‘bum bump’ provides a secure seat for your baby so that they are less likely to slip down, which means you have a hand free for washing them. I found it very easy to support Jake with one hand to stop him tilting to the side, and now he holds his head more steadily he can sit unaided in the bath for a short time as it supports him so well.
  • A foam insert gives a soft backrest for your baby, and the textured plastic of the bath means it doesn’t feel cold to the touch.
  • A generous lip to grab onto around the sides make lifting, filling and emptying the bath extremely easy. Its compact design means you can fill it in the kitchen sink if you need to.
  • Its non-slip feet give a secure base on any floor surface so it won’t slide around on laminate or tiled floors.
  • Available with a choice of three colours of foam insert.
  • A snip at only £19.99! It really is excellent value for money as it is superb quality.


I would definitely say the Shnuggle bath has been one of my newborn essentials, and I can see us getting several more months of happy bath times from it! Order yours now from the Beebies website.

Beebies Ambassador BadgeAs a Beebies Baby Store Brand Ambassador, I was sent a Shnuggle Baby Bath free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions of the product are my own though.


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