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#Miles4MAMA month 1 update

Total Miles For MAMA so far: 66.1/1000

Weight lost this month: 4lb 

Miles4MAMA imageA month ago on September 13th I began my #Miles4MAMA challenge to cover a distance of 1000 miles by walking, running or exercise bike in ten months, leading up to Jake’s first birthday on July 13th 2016. The aim is to raise both awareness and funds for MAMA Academy, so that we can spread the word about our Wellbeing Wallets and to enable us as a charity to provide more wallets for more pregnant women. The ultimate aim of course is to equip as many women as possible with the knowledge they need for more babies to arrive safely!

So what have I been up to this last month? Well, I can’t say I’ve done much running yet. I’ve been out literally a couple of times to jog around the block at a snail’s pace compared to my pre-pregnancy form (not that I was ever THAT fast) but I ‘ran’ without stopping which for my first month back into it felt like an achievement in itself. On the plus side, being on maternity leave has afforded me the time to get on the bike while I’m watching crappy daytime TV, and Jake and I have been out for plenty of long walks with the pushchair. It’s nearly four miles from our house into Newcastle city centre so I’ve tried to make the journey a couple of times a week and reward myself with a big coffee at the end of it.

wpid-dsc_1038.jpgFor the coming month, I’d like to add more running miles to the total. I can’t say I’m enjoying it again yet but hopefully the more I do it the bug will come back! The North East weather will prove to be a increasing challenge to getting out for our walks but I only need a dry hour or two – and I enjoy stretching my legs without the pressure of running. The bike is my fallback if it’s too horrible out there!

I’ve also rejoined Weight Watchers to help me shift the baby pounds, as it worked so well for me after I had Joe. I lost three and a half stones back in 2011 and I’ve got about two and a half of them to knock back off this time. It’s only my second week so I’ll keep you updated on my progress here too. I know a programme like WW isn’t for everyone, but I like the structure it brings and I need the discipline as I have zero willpower on my own. I lost 4lb in my first week which I know I won’t keep up but it was a motivating start.

I’m honoured to be joined in the challenge by some fabulous bloggers (and a brilliant student midwife who has already jumped out of a plane for MAMA!), each working towards their own targets. Please check out some of their update posts via the linky here and show your support!

And finally, huge congratulations to lovely fellow MAMA Miler Hannah from Budding Smiles on her wonderful news this week – and she’s still committed to reaching her target so dig as deep as you can to sponsor us 🙂 You can simply sponsor a mile by texting MAMA00 £2 to 70070 or visit our fundraising page to make a donation which will make an enormous difference to our work.

  • £2 will fund a Wellbeing Wallet for a pregnant mum
  • £5 will help us provide trial batches of our wallets to hospital trusts for midwives to distribute for free
  • £10 will assist us in developing training resources for midwives, like our mini video providing guidance on measuring bumps more accurately
  • £20 will help Heidi and other members of the team attend events, meetings and conferences to enable us to take an active part in improving maternity services

Join the #Miles4MAMA challenge! Grab the badge from my sidebar and start counting those miles!


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