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I am Jenny, also known as Great North Mum. You’ve been good enough to click on this link to find out who I am so here are some key facts to save you time in your busy day:

  • wpid-img_20150803_183845.jpgI am 34 years old, and still consider this to be ‘early thirties’.
  • I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my teacher husband Andy, and our two beautiful sons – Joe, born in September 2010, and Jake, who arrived in July 2015. We also find room for two cats, Holly and Toto. Standard happy family stuff!
  • As a busy mum of two small people, I love working with baby and parenting brands both professionally and on the blog. You can see who I’ve already worked with and contact me with any PR queries here.
  • I work full time for the NHS as a Network Delivery Facilitator (catchy job title) in the Northern England Clinical Networks. As well as working on various service improvement projects, I also take the lead on comms and engagement for the Networks, running social media and overseeing the organisation’s website, among other things!
  • I am hugely passionate about maternity care and I am dedicated to raising awareness of pregnancy issues affecting both women and NHS maternity services. I am an avid supporter of MAMA Academy and Tommy’s, the baby charity, among many other great causes doing amazing work. In some of my spare time I am part of the editorial team for the collaborative website Maternity Matters which enables women to share their experiences of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.
  • mamalogo2015I also volunteer for MAMA Academy as their Charity Secretary and am very proud to be on the board of trustees. We are a small charity doing great work promoting positive pregnancy, making sure mums and midwives alike are educated to ensure more babies arrive safely. Please take a look at our website and Facebook page to see how we can help you – or how you can help us!
  • Profile pic PNGI wrote a weekly column for the Evening Chronicle newspaper in the North East for over a year up until early 2016 and I regularly contribute to other collaborative parenting blogs. I have also written guest blogs for NHS England, and have contributed articles to various websites. Please contact me about writing a guest blog or article for your website or publication. I currently undertake ad hoc freelance work via Little Rocket Media.
  • #workingmumsclub imageAnd finally, as if that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, I’m also the founder of #WorkingMumsClub, a fledgling website and social media community celebrating and supporting working mums in a light-hearted way but also sharing useful resources to help make life that bit easier! Find us on Twitter @WorkingMums_UK.

I should make it clear that whenever I write on the subject of health or anything to do with the NHS, they are entirely my own views and whilst I may talk about topics arising from my work, my comments don’t necessarily represent the opinions or position of my employer, NHS England. Disclaimer done.

So that’s it really. I take a multi-disciplinary approach to blogging, covering the key life areas of parenting small people, healthcare (particularly maternity), and in-depth current issues (such as what I might be up to at the weekend). I also like to take a few photos now and again. I hope you are interested in at least one of these things! Please come and find me at my second home on Twitter @GreatNorthMum and say hello 🙂

Jenny x

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