I am a very amateur photographer, but I love taking pictures of the things that make me smile, or simply catch my eye. I use no equipment more advanced than my smartphone and your standard Instagram filters to give the illusion of professionalism that only a busy mum with little time on her hands needs to get by.

I am relatively new to sharing my photos on my blog, but you will also find me sharing them on Instagram and Twitter, using my hashtag #LifesLittlePleasures, and on my Facebook page.

I’d love for you to join in and share your #LifesLittlePleasures pictures and posts with me on Instagram or Twitter – these can be anything and everything, as long as they make you happy.

img_20160502_162136.jpgimg_20160417_143813.jpgwpid-img_20141029_124617.jpgjoe stickle brickswpid-img_20150720_121001.jpgdsc_1268.jpgwp-1456831427726.jpg20160312_141213.jpgimg_20160519_110928.jpg


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