#workingmumsclub imageBecause a hashtag is everything these days, #WorkingMumsClub began as I faced my return to work following maternity leave after the birth of my second son, as a way of collating the numerous articles, irritating bits of news, and hilarious and/or inspiring GIFs I found to be relevant to my specific plight at the time. I realised, not too surprisingly, that I wasn’t the only one torn between wanting to spend more time with my little one and his big brother, and desperately needing to wear an outfit not consisting of a saggy maternity top and the one pair of jeans that fit every day.

And so is the eternal struggle of the working mum. We like to have adult conversations but miss the milestones that happen while we’re at the office. We enjoy having a hot cup of coffee but miss the sticky hand on our arm as we try to drink it. We feel valued by contributing to the workplace but value a cheeky grin and an after school cuddle so much more.

It is all these things and more. Every working mum has her own reasons for being so. Some of us are happy, some are not. Some of us need to develop a career for ourselves, some just need to pay the bills. But all of us are in this together.

Chief among ways to stay sane when faced with our unique daily challenges is the ability to laugh, and sometimes get angry at things and have a collective rant, so I’ll try to fulfil both of these requirements as the Club Leader (I do realise this makes me sound a bit like a Club 18-30 rep or perhaps the head of a cult – I am neither, unless this whole thing takes a slightly sinister turn. No pacts involved, I promise).

All are welcome, unless I suppose if you don’t have either a job or children, but even so, I’m all about inclusion. There might not be any Jaffa Cakes left by the time the biscuit tin makes its way round though so maybe bring your own. *wonders if a Jaffa Cake is actually a biscuit*. It isn’t by the way, just to clear that up. Best have a cake tin as well then.

Join the fun on Twitter @WorkingMums_UK and share your blog posts, funny or infuriating stuff via #WorkingMumsClub. You can also join our Facebook group for when 140 characters isn’t quite enough to convey your amusement/frustration/abject rage.

Welcome to the Club.

Jenny x